Robeco – Martijn

Belangrijk voor mijn balans zowel werk als privé De ideale trainer voor mij. Niet te zweverig, nuchter en niet oordelend.

Robeco – Antonis

It’s a great training for anyone who wants to explore /benefit from meditation technics. More than that, I think it is a great way to see things in a different perspective and simply focus on yourself and just appreciate any moments that makes you feel present and...

Robeco – Sapna

It is a very useful training. It provides tools to use when necessary. Thomas practices what he preaches. That makes him convincing and effective. He lets participants be. every individual will benefit from these tools. They just are not aware of it.

Robeco – Cristina

It was great! I enjoyed learning all the different techniques and testing each one of them. It provides a helpful toolbox to experiment with. Having it weekly for 6 weeks helps building up habits. Thomas is very knowledgeable and kind-natures. Thomas speaks often from...